The International Association of Conference Centres has published an infographic to depict research findings from more than ten partners and the message is clear. So-called “meetings” need to be designed as experiences because that is what participants now expect. And we couldn’t agree more. Read on for a background on the research project and why the need arose. Then keep scrolling and to see the infographic containing all the vital stats. – Creative Group

As the meetings industry transitions at a rapid pace, the IACC Meeting Room of the Future hopes to transform the meeting experience through a global collaboration of leaders in conference room design, audiovisual technology, hospitality, academia and conference management.  The report combines innovation and entrepreneurialism with the expertise of meeting industry professionals and planners.

Mark Cooper, IACC CEO said, “While the overall objectives and goals of meetings have generally remained constant, there are clear indicators that the adoption and use of technology, the physical design of meeting space and the emphasis on experience creation will be increasingly important. Compounding the pressure on meeting planners to adopt and incorporate these tangible meeting elements is the increased requirement to demonstrate the value of meetings to their leadership, peers or clients while simultaneously operating in an environment of shrinking budgets. It is critical for meeting venues to respond accordingly and provide those elements that are increasingly sought after and important to the overall meeting objectives.”

With the forward thinking of meeting planners, their choices are based on observations on changes within the industry over the past several years. Survey results reveal:

  • 75 percent of responding meeting planners say their current role involves more “experience creation” versus two to five years ago.
  • Over 77 percent of respondents agreed that access to interactive technologies such as tools to encourage audience participation, collaborative communication platforms and others, are more important now than before.
  • 47 percent admit the importance of flexible meeting space now versus in the past.

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