We all have found ourselves doing things now that we never anticipated since the beginning of 2020. You may be cooking more and trying out new recipes, doing household cleanup projects, and even painting a room or two.

While a silver lining to all this disruption may be finding hobbies or nurturing new skills, the stark reality is that the normal course of business and daily life has changed.

Google has been tracking how consumer behaviors have changed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.  Here is a recap of the findings from Google’s recent searches, plus ways we can help you leverage them to move your business forward during these difficult times.

Time for a Change

The impacts of coronavirus have made normal life anything but normal these days (“normal” is one of the top searches). Whether changes are big or small, they are all disrupting our events, plans, and staff. We can’t prevent disruptions, but we can help you navigate around them. Whether you need to move a meeting, scale back an incentive trip due to fewer participants, or switch from a group travel award to an individual award program, we are here to help. We can ensure you don’t lose the momentum you had built.

Discover Tools for Keeping Connected

Even as people physically distance themselves, they’re discovering new connections and nurturing relationships virtually. We are happy to share how our EventAPP™ can be used to connect your team and even have them take part in games and challenges. We can also help you schedule virtual meetings and make your out-of-office engagement more real, enjoyable, and effective.

Thanks to Those Who are Keeping it Together

There is a growing appreciation for the everyday heroes among us. Whether it’s health care workers putting in long hours to help victims, delivery people keeping us supplied, or cashiers helping everyone in public, there are so many essential staff workers to thank. Many of these people are risking their own health or safety to help others.

Now is the perfect time to set up programs to praise and incent the heroes in your organization who are standing out in this unusual time. That salesperson who keeps selling, sales support teams and distributors, dealers, and brokers who keep businesses working—they all deserve and appreciate the recognition.

Taking Care of Themselves – Trippin’ Out from Home

As boredom, anxiety, and uncertainty set in, people knew they needed to attend to their own physical and psychological needs as well as those of loved ones and friends. There has been a rising search interest in “puzzles” and even relaxation videos to keep us engaged, entertained, and calm.

There’s also been an increase in searches for “virtual tours.”  No need to search!  We can create personalized “virtual tours” of your upcoming incentive trips to help keep your sales team and channel partner engaged in delivering the business results you need. Or, we can produce “virtual tours” of meeting locations scheduled later in the year to keep people encouraged about the future and your commitment to them.

The Only Constants are Change, and Creative Group is Here to Pull you Through

There is plenty we can do together to get through these unexpected times. These are just some ideas. Most of all, know we are here to help.

Let us know how we can help