Lesson Learned: Removing the Studio Audience

We recall the first time we saw a late-night show without an audience in the same room. No stage, special lights, professional video camera, or live music to ramp up the monologue. Somehow, without the on-stage laughs, we were left with a strange feeling and a lack of laughs. So, what did we do? Immediately flip the channel.

As programs embraced the idea of broadcasting from home with a virtual audience, reality set in and we began to see late-night hosts (the good ones) shift to finding ways to bring the laughs back. Even Elmo took to the late-night game with the “Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo” made for the entire family to enjoy together. Talk about an interesting way to change it!

After witnessing these changes in the entertainment world, we value the importance of active engagement in online events.

Evolving to Virtual: The Right Tools & Experience

The live-streaming of events has been around for quite some time. In fact, these tips we curated for live-streaming apply just as well to a 100% remote audience. Balancing the digital world – the content that is delivered during the online event, with the physical world is an important consideration. And, there are many ways to integrate physical elements into a virtual event. Physical elements might include a coffee kit to get a fresh start during a morning networking session, a gift with instructions to wait, and later “unbox” a surprise simultaneously with other participants. We also like creating fun intrigue by delivering a small box with a code that “opens” up to something within the virtual environment.

Maintaining an engaging participant journey is an important aspect of all experiences: virtual, face-to-face, or hybrid events. Our goal is to ensure your audience feels motivated, rewarded, and recognized. They will want to participate, listen, and even come away with action items and memories from the experience. This is especially important in a virtual event, where multitasking and distractions are typically much more prevalent.

We have found that curating a virtual experience for attendees to inspire, intrigue, influence, impress, immerse, and interrupt ensures they will be excited to remain engaged. We execute our i|xperience® design approach along with trusted technology to make a difference. Once we understand your goals, we put our 50 years of research and experience to work to deliver both the physical and digital elements of a virtual event to keep your audience from flipping the channel. Remove the awkwardness of the initial shock of an empty studio with the right team and toolset to truly elevate your virtual experiences.

Ready to Curate an Engaging Virtual Experience?