As the commitment to group travel plans remains challenging due to rising costs and other factors, many business leaders are turning to alternative rewards for their top performers. Your incentive program winners were looking forward to attending an all-inclusive, elite travel experience. Rewards should be as immediate and certain as possible, so you must provide participants with options now to recognize them for their recent accomplishments. Here, we share three creative ways to replace group travel:

  1. Curate a selection of individual travel packages.
    • Provide winners with the ability to browse and choose their preferred individual travel experience that they can plan for a later date.
    • Select packages that will appeal to your audience and provide at least a few options and destinations (local road trips or excursions could be included). 
    • Allow them to begin planning a trip with friends and family or even peers right away. Research shows that the simple act of planning a trip can boost happiness and energy levels.
    • Give them something to look forward to and plan on their terms.   
  2. Provide immediate gratification by creating a fun and engaging virtual gifting experience
    • Consider incorporating a virtual gifting lounge that allows incentive winners to select from a myriad of tech, home, and office products they can use immediately. 
    • Include a networking event that allows winners to connect and share in their accomplishments.  
  3. Design a virtual celebration they will never forget 
    • Select a strong moderator, professional entertainment, and elements of surprise to make it a one-of-a-kind experience. 
    • For executive leadership and entertainment broadcasts, share polls and other ways for the audience to interact. 
    • Infuse food and beverage to provide much-needed screen breaks. 
    • Include personalized content that is customizable, searchable, and shareable. 
    • Provide top performers virtual facetime with their peers and executive leadership.

These are just a few of the methods to transform your important incentive travel reward. You may combine some of these elements to ensure your top sales achievers or channel partners feel valued, appreciated, and recognized. Take it to the next level by introducing a new reward experience to keep your key partners motivated to deliver.

How can we help you create an unforgettable experience?