Whether you’re brand new to running national sales meetings or customer events or you’re an old hand, today’s AV production costs might be giving you sticker shock. It’s not surprising these days, given the rising cost in, well, everything. But, there are several key factors contributing to the increased prices, including but not limited to, established hotel/production partnerships, supply chain delays, supply and demand, the repair or replacement of on-site equipment that’s been sitting dormant throughout the pandemic, and the demand for new AV technologies.

So, while production costs are on the rise, there are ways to spend wisely that will help ensure that your message is accurately – and beautifully – delivered to your audience.

How to Maximize Event Production Costs: Top 3 Tips

Read the fine print

This is a big one. Pay attention to your hotel contract and make sure it’s flexible. Sometimes a production partner is already written in. If it’s flexible, you’ll have the ability to source multiple production suppliers and determine the right investment to match your specific goals. And if you’re feeling a bit in over your head, this article will help you understand common AV fees and infrastructure costs.

Shop around for the best value

Go to RFP with multiple-sized suppliers for a fair comparison while keeping in mind that cost isn’t always the most important factor in this investment! Remember that you’re not just hiring for the equipment and the latest technology; you’re hiring for the talent behind the equipment, too. Look for someone who truly understands your event goals and can help you deliver your message with the greatest impact.

Consider hiring an Executive Producer

From the stage and screen of your general session to your check-in desk, how connected and cohesive are all the components of your event? While all production companies include an in-house Executive Producer to run the show, not all of them have the time to understand you and your message and stretch it across your entire event. Hiring an independent, dedicated Executive Producer who knows you and your brand and can be a conduit to the production team is a big value add. It is their job to represent YOU no matter which production company you choose, to understand and guide your messaging, to advocate for you in every possible way, and to ask the right questions and find the best solutions to bring your story to life.

Let’s work together to stretch your production dollars, while creating inspiring and impactful messages.