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Beverage and Spirits

As consumer expectations continue to rise, purchasing decisions will be focused on what is perceived to be fresh, clean, and sustainable. There is great demand in the market for authentic, less processed, and local ingredients. Health and wellness continues to be a driver for consumer behavior, including single-serve packaging, minimal calorie counts, high protein or gluten free. Consumers, especially Millennials, are looking for higher premium beverages produced locally, and they’re willing to pay for fresh, original brands with unique identities. All markets will continue to diversify and expand as demand increases, especially for IPAs, local distilleries with unusual mashes, new wine blends and variations, and private-label beverages. Consumers want to taste the regional flavors that make their beverage special; even big brands have now emphasized their artisan lines, craft abilities, rich history, and authentic recipes and production methods to compete in this shifting market. At the same time, the industry is seeing the return of the classics, with more importance on doing it well, be it a classic cocktail or an IPA.

In addition to beverages themselves, the packaging will be a high priority – driven by consumer demand for more recyclable or renewable products. Aside from the obvious concern of product protection, consideration for how a company’s packaging aligns with their brand story will be important.

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