Beverage and Spirits

As consumer expectations continue to rise, purchasing decisions will be focused on what is perceived to be fresh, clean and sustainable. There is great demand in the market for “real” (less processed) ingredients, as health and wellness continue to be a driver for consumer behavior. Millennials, in particular, are driving demand for functional beverages that provide cognitive and other health benefits. They are concerned about how their purchase decisions will impact both the environment and the world, and they want to buy from companies that support the causes they care about.

In addition to beverages themselves, the packaging will be a high priority – driven by consumer demand for more recyclable or renewable products. Aside from the obvious concern of product protection, consideration for how a company’s packaging aligns with their brand story will be important.

With the right incentive program, you can strategically introduce new brands and increase sales and market share by incenting your distributors and sales leaders. What’s more, consumers’ desire to learn about the production of beverages and spirits offers a unique opportunity to create experiences that will increase brand loyalty.

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