Financial Services

A close eye on sales practices and conduct with regard to risk and fiduciary responsibility within the Financial Services industry confirms the need for effective communication through face-to-face meetings. Although currently on hold, the Department of Labor’s Fiduciary Rule related to investment advice and transparency would have a significant trickle-down effect on incentives received by investors. Changes in corporate regulations, taxes, and tariffs could also have a major impact on the industry. The outcome of these policy changes could require a swift realignment of business strategies, internal systems, training programs, talent acquisition, and retention.

Financial Technology (FinTech) startups and emerging security technologies such as Blockchain are positioned to significantly change how the financial industry operates. More than ever, financial institutions will need a robust, reliable and resilient infrastructure for efficiency, risk mitigation, and future growth support. To respond effectively to disruptors, incumbents must create new business ecosystems, particularly in fields such as online lending, money transfer, and credit ratings.

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