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Life Sciences

Mergers and acquisitions continue as alliances look to target rising healthcare costs, increase access to providers, and distribute the high cost of product development. The rising costs and mediocre access, leave the industry wide open to disruptors. While most partnerships are from within the industry, there is a growing trend of disruption from high profile e-commerce companies such as Apple, Amazon, and Berkshire Hathaway that are linking with traditional healthcare providers, hospitals, and insurance companies.

Healthcare and Life Sciences will face some uncertainty and risk related to tax and healthcare changes in the U.S., as well as an increase of natural disasters locally and abroad, which can have long and lingering effects. While sweeping healthcare reform failed to pass in 2017, the government will push for fragmented initiatives that may affect U.S. consumers and the economy significantly. Additionally, with uncertainty at the national level, it will be important to monitor changes at the state level as local lawmakers, heads of industry and advocacy groups push and pull regarding the distribution of healthcare.

The massive challenges associated with the opioid epidemic will be a major focus and will require agencies and organizations to work together in new ways to tackle this large and complex problem. For this and other reasons, health organizations will most likely look to foster more cross-sector collaboration, while continuing to identify efficiencies and fresh strategic investments.

As patients are becoming more like consumers looking to partner in their healthcare journey, there is significant urging to move from a fee-for-service to a value-based model, designed to measure and boost healthcare outcomes and enhance the patient experience.

Successful organizations will need to anticipate, absorb change, and act with deliberate speed even amid the risk of uncertainty. We understand the importance of helping companies employ proactive risk management and adhere to regulatory compliance. Whether for product launches or customer-based meetings, we are experts at driving to corporate initiatives for success, as well as managing to HCP guidelines, with flawless execution of meetings and events.

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