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The industry continues to evolve because of advanced technologies, which include high-quality sensors, connected networks, high-performance computing robots, artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Additionally, the trend toward the production of IoT – smart, connected devices that are a mixture of hardware, software, data and service – is rapidly changing the landscape.

While the need for mass production remains strong for many products, the drive for customized production is a result of consumer expectations for speed-to-market and the advent of tech-connected devices. We are on the cusp of a robotics revolution that will include intelligent robotic technology that can manufacture items more quickly than ever, aimed at meeting local, personalized needs around the globe.

Job training and the need to find workers equipped with the necessary skills for this new age of manufacturing, particularly STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) talents, will continue to be a widespread challenge. A skilled workforce will combat the pressure from shortened development cycles, speed-to-market strategies and enhanced precision in manufacturing. Recruiting, retaining, and advancing talented employees are key components for success. Leaders in manufacturing will address the talent gap and increase employee engagement through programs aimed at training, certification and employee recognition.

Hosting live meetings and events will help to foster innovative thinking and strengthen the strategic partnerships necessary to thrive in times of rapid change.

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