Optimizing your meetings and events?

Here are 5 corporate meeting and event trends that you can use to optimize your 2020 programs. Focusing on these will empower you to engage your participants in a more meaningful, relevant way and maximize your event ROI. Download the free e-book below to go in depth with each of the trends and see how you can optimize.


  1. Millennials Will Be the New Perennials: Millennials now constitute half of the global workforce and the most important audience that must be acknowledged and catered to by the meetings and events industry.
  2. Avoiding Burnout at your Turnout: Burnout is now recognized as an official syndrome of the World Health Organization. Learn to design your meetings and conferences to better engage participants.
  3. It’s Not Easy Being Green – It’s Imperative: Sustainable initiatives and environmental concerns have been on meeting planners’ radar for years. But now the sustainability landscape has shifted, and if you’re not fully embracing it in your meeting strategy, you’re trending backwards.
  4. Total Event Optimization Will Keep Getting Optimized: We uncovered six areas of event optimization that can be applied to squeeze maximum ROI out of your upcoming programs.
  5. Metamorphic Design – One Size No Longer Fits All: The concept of personalization in the meetings and events industry is anything but new. However, with technology’s advancement look to leverage a trending opportunity to adapt to participant likes, preferences and demands in real time.

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