Channel Loyalty

We can help you foster lifelong loyalty and advocacy by understanding and navigating the nuances of an aligned channel partner incentive program.

A Happy Relationship Is A Healthy Relationship.

A healthy relationship with channel partners, dealers, distributors, brokers and agents alike, requires special care. Your channel partners are an integral part of your team. How you structure your channel loyalty program will depend upon the type of channel partner you want to motivate, and your relationship with the companies involved.

Incentive and reward programs can directly influence the willingness, interest and energy of the channel partner to sell and support your products and services. When it comes to channel partners, building loyalty means building sales focus. Growing sales creates greater loyalty. It’s that simple. A channel partnership works best if incentives are aligned and if the risks, costs, and rewards of doing business are distributed fairly. If incentives aren’t in line, your actions won’t optimize your channel partner’s performance. In fact, misaligned incentives are often the cause of excess inventory, stock-outs, incorrect forecasts, inadequate sales efforts and even poor customer service.

99% of incentive programs are somewhat or very effective in achieving important objectives.

Welcome to a World Where Everybody Wins

Competition for the attention of your channel partners is fierce. To gain and maintain a prime position from your partners, we can help you design strategies that address the channel’s fundamental concerns: shrinking margins, fighting competition, improving the training and retention of salespeople, or building sales of a product or service category.

We develop programs that help your channel partners address their needs, and at the same time promote and meet your business objectives, delivering a meaningful ROI for all.

Any channel program needs to not only get the top performers to stretch a bit further, but also to get average performers to increase their participation with your company. Our reward and incentive programs will have all of your channel partner’s staff looking to focus on your products, leading to more sales for you and rewards for the partner and its employees.

In-House Services

Our complete offerings include everything from assessment to execution to evaluation; a full-service approach.

  • Assessment & audit
  • Behavioral analysis
  • Program structure design
  • Platform customization
  • Communications plan
  • Rewards optimization
  • Launch & project management
  • Analytics and recommendations
Big-Win Big Win

Creative Group helped an international construction manufacturer increase their parts sales and cost savings, resulting in higher profit.

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Supporting Tools

Learn more about our tools and applications that can enrich your experience and make reporting easier:

Cloud-Based Platform – Our holistic engagement platforms are configured and customized to align with your business requirements, objectives and resources.

Customizable Reward Solutions – Once-in-a-lifetime rewards will help you drive loyalty, enhance engagement and increase behaviors that will allow you to reach your business goals.

Maximizing Sales & Profits

“The incentive awards have become so successful as motivators that each year our customers consult with us to understand their goals and what they must do to maximize their rewards and recognition among their peers. In each of the last 7 years targeted business qualifying for the program has grown more than the general business.”

G.S., VP, Marketing

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