Sales Incentives

How do you create a program that exceeds your sales goals? Don’t limit incentives to the top performers.

Let’s Talk Motivation.

We understand people from the C-Suite to the route salesperson: what inspires them and drives them to thrive. Whether you are looking to increase revenue, drive profitability, change the product mix or reduce sales inefficiencies, we know how to align and engage your sales team to deliver results.

Working with your people and providing them with the right incentives to change their behaviors will help you meet and exceed your business objectives. And we don’t think you should limit it to top performers. Studies show focusing on mid-level performers will help them work to their full capability. They could eventually become your top performers.

Our technology driven incentive solutions allow you to personalize your reward options, providing even more reasons to exceed. We can also employ social sharing, product and company updates, educational tools, standings and program reports.

100% of Best in Class companies use group travel to reward and recognize year-end sales success.

In-House Services

Design and execute the right sales incentive program to move your business forward with these services:

  • Assessment & audit
  • Behavioral analysis
  • Program structure design
  • Platform customization
  • Communications plan
  • Rewards optimization
  • Launch & project management
  • Analytics and recommendations
Big-Win Big Win

We helped our client exceed corporate target goals for sales, safety and customer service.

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Supporting Tools

Learn more about our tools and applications that can enrich your experience and make reporting easier:

Cloud-Based Platform – Our holistic engagement platforms are configured and customized to align with your business requirements, objectives and resources.

Customizable Reward Solutions – Once-in-a-lifetime rewards will help you drive loyalty, enhance engagement and increase behaviors that will allow you to reach your business goals.

Maximizing Sales & Profits

“Creative Group has been instrumental in designing a social and intuitive incentive program platform that emphasizes our corporate communication strategy and incites friendly competition as well as all-important recognition among our salesforce. Creative Group’s consultative and collaborative approach speaks volumes to our partnership together.”

J.C. VP, Sales

Creative Group Insights

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