Strategic Meeting Management

Are you looking for more visibility into your meeting and event spend? Would you like to see a better return on investment for your meeting dollar?

The foundation of any strong Strategic Meeting Management (SMM) program is built on delivering savings, providing risk mitigation, improved service quality and driving compliance. Aside from those tangible benefits, you may also be looking for some of the soft benefits of SMM, such as having a centralized corporate calendar, ensuring consistency in branding throughout all your events, and improving the participant experience. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive SMM program or looking for a partner to take your current program to the next level, our approach is completely customizable based on your needs and desired outcomes.

Creative Group’s combined meeting management services and customized consulting is the perfect fit. We provide enterprise-wide management of meeting and event activities, with attention to visibility, process, automation, supplier oversight and data management.

Let us help you recognize the value of gaining visibility into your meeting spend, guaranteeing program consistency, analyzing the right data and driving cost savings. Meetings will run better, be smarter and cost less. We can help you with:

  • Meeting scope and spend analysis
  • Constituent engagement
  • Policy development
  • Meeting automation and technology solutions
  • Training, communication and implementation
  • Data aggregation and analysis
  • Risk management
  • Sourcing and contracting

Interested in Strategic Meeting Management?