The reviews are in, and many are saying Fox’s Thursday night production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show was a bit of a bust. An opportunity to boost ratings by creating a prime time event, the endeavor served as a valiant effort to encourage audience participation but fell flat on the small screen.

According to the, “More than the 1975 Rocky Horror Picture Show, it’s the act of watching the film that has become a phenomenon. Audience participation screenings populated by cult fans—featuring retorts to the dialogue, props, and tongue-in-cheek ridicule of the material—have become the entire point of the film.”

Trying to re-create the authentic reactions of a 1970’s movie theater experience with a 2016 living room audience, proved to be quite the challenge. The energy wasn’t the same without the interactive crowd, the singing engagement, and of course, the garish costumes.

Some performances can thrive on the small screen, but others are meant to be experienced in-person with active participation. The audience’s involvement, the intrigue of a storyline, and the captivating immersion into an experience are the elements that make any event, memorable, exciting, and impactful.

Thinking similarly to fulfilling business objectives, there are a variety of ways to communicate with an audience. Holding webinars or virtual meetings to relay important information could be considered a cost-effective “small screen” approach. As an organizer, you can urge audience participation, but true engagement with the content will be challenging to accomplish. Real-life experience with engaged stakeholders will inevitably be most impactful. Hosting a live, immersive sales meeting or incentive travel experience brings people together in ways that can’t be replicated with a broadcast.

Live experiences impact all five senses and have the ability to inspire an audience and move them to action. Whether your goal as an organization is to gain market share, improve customer satisfaction, or enhance employee engagement, creating an immersive and inspirational live experience is the most effective strategy.

How will you ensure your business objectives are met: with small screen initiatives or live experiences?

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