All-Inclusive Resorts: For More Than Incentives

While all-inclusive resorts might seem like an attractive option for your incentive group, have you thought of them for a business meeting? As long as your company isn’t in the public eye for questionable business practices, taking employees or business partners to a fun destination will likely be received favorably. Once thought of as too casual for business meetings, or ill-equipped to handle groups; many all-inclusive resorts are making their group offerings enticing and well-known. Here are three benefits of hosting your business meeting at an all-inclusive property.

1. All-Inclusive Resorts Make Meeting Participants Feel Valued

A sure-fire way to get meeting participants amped up is to bring them to an all-inclusive property. Aside from inspirational settings that foster innovation and creative thinking, participants will feel like they’ve won an incentive trip. With access to gourmet food and luxury accommodations (without reaching into their pockets), they’ll feel well-taken care of. Making your meeting participants feel valued will strengthen company culture among employees, enhance your company image among business partners, and build loyalty with both.

2. All-Inclusive Resorts Keep Meeting Participants Entertained

Daily events and recreational activities will keep meeting participants entertained, with no need to leave the property (or spend extra cash). Not to mention, you can work with the resort to customize or include a private team-building activity just for your group. A word of advice when offering unlimited alcohol though: make sure you know your group won’t take advantage of this and create an uncomfortable situation at your business meeting.

3. All-Inclusive Resorts Simplify Your Meeting Budget

With simple, per-person pricing, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying up-front. Sometimes, this makes all-inclusive pricing easier to send through procurement. When comparing all-inclusive properties, make sure you review all included features side-by-side as they vary from property to property. Reconciling the bill is simplified as well; you can forget about endless pages of room, food, and beverage, meeting space, activity, tax, and gratuity charges.

Are There All-Inclusive Properties in the US?

I know what you’re thinking. All-inclusive resorts are great, but the closest ones are in the Caribbean or Mexico, right? Wrong! From Hawaii to Arizona, and Florida, many US resorts offer all-inclusive packages tailored to your group. Regardless, it’s best to work with a strategic sourcing expert that can help negotiate the best value on your behalf.

Whether you choose an all-inclusive property for your next business meeting or not, creating an inspirational experience that will make your participants feel valued should be your number one priority. Your business objectives will fall in line much easier when participants are excited to be involved.

photo credit: Shangri-La Hotels

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