A Chat With Our People

Hi. It’s nice to meet you. These are a few of our people.


Account Manager

Creative Group (CG): Are there examples of customer-centric care you’ve experienced in the world that have shaped how you approach client care?

Teresa (T): Yes, Nordstrom is a favorite. They’ve created a culture where the customer feels they are cared for during each visit. To me this is an amazing accomplishment to have an entire sales team embrace what it means to make people feel special on a regular basis. When I think about my customers, I think about how Nordstrom has made me feel as a customer and I try to pass this feeling along to my clients.

CG: Teresa, can you tell us a little about how you manifest customer care with your clients?

T: It is easy to show my customers that I care because…I genuinely do. The success of a program and the happiness of my client really matters to me and I make sure I am clear from the very beginning that I will take good care of them. I learn about their preferences for how we communicate, about their personal interests, and I let them know (and feel) that they are a priority to me.

CG: In a high stress, always-changing industry, how do you unplug and recharge your batteries?

T: I schedule an actual daily appointment in my calendar to remind myself to take a break with my family and stop working for the day. There is always more work to be done, so scheduling a break will ensure that I actually walk away from work and create a bit of balance in my life.


Business Development

CG: Hi Dan, what do you enjoy most about your role on our Business Development team?

D: Every day I am reminded of the focus each of my colleagues has on helping our clients Thrive. Understanding why our customers are investing in meetings and incentive programs adds a more fulfilling purpose to what we do. I see how much fun our people have working toward those goals and helping our customers achieve their business and personal growth goals.

CG: What are the most important elements of building a strong client relationship?

D: Well, clearly, if we listen with purpose we can best leverage our experience to build relevant new ones for our clients. I’m thrilled to be part of a team that is focused on long term partnerships. We won’t promise something we can’t deliver and I think clients appreciate our honesty. That truthfulness and transparency has been the cornerstone of many long term client relationships. And let’s face it, it’s so much more gratifying to work with clients for years instead of a few months.

CG: How can we best show our value to customers?

D: Value is defined by each customer a bit differently. Some want a financial ROI, others focus on the time saved, some want the creativity that comes with our experience, but most want a measure of all those. Our value comes from digging to understand each client’s objectives. By thoughtful planning in the early stages, we create outcomes that drive to those key results. Moreover, taking time to honestly – and in partnership – evaluate…did we succeed in reaching those goals and what can we improve with the next engagement, is critical. This methodical approach ensures we build value that retains customers – some for decades!

Account Manager

CG: Can you tell us about your role supporting our individual recognition programs?

E: I drive the operations for our Individual programs – I touch everything from strategizing on the structure of new programs, to updating technology and handling participant inquiries. Having the opportunity to be involved in so many aspects of a program gives me a holistic view of how it operates and allows me to provide optimal support for our clients and partners.

CG: Who can benefit most from these types of programs?

E: Everyone! Truly.  Businesses are always looking for ways to improve results and enabling and engaging the right people at the right time in the right way is how we make that happen.  Incentives are performance enablers, and Performance Potential + Performance Enablers = Business Results.   We can dive into our client’s business challenges and goals and determine how to best use engagement and incentives to get them where they want to be.  HR can benefit by providing a way to make people feel engaged and appreciated.  Sales can benefit by developing fun and unique ways to change behavior and enhance performance.  Marketing can benefit by creating programs that improve performance in distribution channels or by retaining loyal customers.

CG: What do you enjoy most about your position?

E: I love the strategy – I love immersing myself in a new client’s culture and understanding their goals and challenges and then building something tangible to achieve results.  When it starts to take shape, everyone gets excited.  It’s hard not to.

CG: Were there any surprising things you learned as you took on this role?

E:  When I started, I put a lot of weight on technology solutions – all of our programs use some sort of technology and I came in thinking that was one of the most defining features of the process.  In reality, the technology is just a tool – although user experience and functionality are important, the solution used really doesn’t come into play until we’ve determined needs and direction and strategy.   And then it is just a way to implement the plan – it can be configured and customized as needed.  Starting the conversation with technology tends to box people in to one direction too early.   It’s really all about the strategy – how do we structure the program to drive the business results? That’s what drives success.

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