Supporting Tools

Creative Group has developed the following applications and tools as part of our Solutions offering to support our clients:


CreativeEDGE® – Our proprietary end-to-end meeting management platform offers fully customizable registration and attendee management.

EventAPP™ – EventAPP mobile event technology manages meeting schedules, content sharing, and allows participants to interact in real-time with the event.

Pinpointe™ – Our limited-feature app that helps everyone stay connected.

Cloud-Based Platform – Our holistic engagement platforms are configured and customized to align with your business requirements, objectives, and resources.


i|xperience® – Our proprietary design approach ensures a participant experience aligned to your business goals and brand.

Customizable Reward Solutions – Once-in-a-lifetime rewards will help you drive loyalty, enhance engagement and increase behaviors that will allow you to reach your business goals.

Strategic Meeting Management – Are you looking for more visibility into your meeting and event spend? Would you like to see a better return on investment for your meeting dollar?


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