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A culture of recognition will deliver innumerable benefits. Let’s design and implement a strategic program aligned with your business objectives together.

Unleash The Potential of Your People.

The state of business shifted dramatically due to the pandemic. Companies have moved to hybrid or fully virtual work models. The speed of change in the workplace has accelerated. Businesses are forced to do more with less people. And employee engagement has taken a real hit.

Employee engagement is the emotional and functional commitment employees have to their organization and their alignment with the overall goals of the company. The discretionary effort they are willing to expend is a byproduct of their engagement. Employees want to feel that their work has a purpose. They want to feel celebrated for a job well done. That want to feel heard, valued, and respected within the organization. 

Based on a wealth of research in this field, there is no question that recognition and reward programs enhance employee engagement and productivity. Incentive Research Foundation data shows that the presence of reward programs resulted in an average of 22% gain in performance (as compared to organizations offering no reward program).

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Celebrate Contributions Big and Small

Employee engagement is a key driving factor to engagement, productivity, and company culture. Not to mention ThrivabilitySM! People want to feel celebrated for their contributions. And for those contributions to be recognized and rewarded in meaningful ways. And what’s more, they deserve all that and then some.

From safety to teamwork, training, years of service, process improvement, and even goal achievement, our recognition solutions connect personal and organizational objectives. They drive business impact by increasing engagement and discretionary performance. Our award-winning Excelevate program increased engagement by 300% in just its first year of implementation! By outlining a program that reinforces the right behaviors and sustains them, we can help you reach your business goals while valuing your employees.

Companies who create a culture of recognition see measurable results from a better bottom-line to happier employees. In fact, Harvard Business Review states that on average, an effective recognition strategy helps create employees who become 30% more productive, three times more creative, and 37% more successful sales people than those that are less engaged. So what are you waiting for?

Recognition Takes Many Forms

Non-Sales Behaviors – A balanced recognition structure covers not just sales activity, but also considers critical behaviors such as training completion, sales support teams that contribute to the sale, and maybe even presenteeism – just showing up to work!  

Nomination Awards – The heart, sweat, and tears you put in makes reaching a goal all the sweeter. Setting high but attainable standards for your workforce can encourage under-performers and turn them into marathon winners! And you can’t minimize the importance of ongoing communication to announce and sustain program drive. 

Spot Awards – Going above and beyond for a teammate or a client, beating the deadline on a demanding project, or generating innovative ideas to move the company forward. Spot awards are the perfect opportunity to acknowledge one-time achievements. The more recognition for these great individual acts, the more likely it is that they will snowball into a better everyday culture. 

Service Awards – Keeping track of service anniversaries, retirements, and other milestones when hundreds of employees are involved can be overwhelming. We automate this process for ease of execution while maintaining a personal touch. It also allows for social amplification of the awards across the organization to build loyalty.

Life Celebrations – Life outside the office is important. Employees go through major life changes that will impact how they function at work. We recognize key lifestyle celebrations like engagements, marriages, graduations, or even the birth of a child.

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We created a multi-functional incentive platform that included leaderboard standings, gamification, news exchange, surveys and a strong social platform, in addition to reward and redemption features.

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In-House Services

We know that recognition programs can help stem the tide of employee turnover. Fight the Great Resignation with the Great Recognition. We offer a full complement of services designed to provide you with the right engagement solution for your business. 

  • Strategy – Consultative audits and sprints, and fundamental program design
  • Program Marketing – Engagement activities that facilitate awareness, activation, commitment, or information-sharing
  • Technology – Our AMPWorks™ platform delivers program components such as rules execution, standings, currency calculations, participant access, and administrative functions
  • Rewards – Intrinsic and/or extrinsic offerings to inspire progress and improve performance
  • Program Analytics The feedback mechanism for both participants and administrators used to gauge and iterate the program
https://www.creativegroupinc.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Big-Win.svg Big Win

Creative Group doubled employee participation across all departments.

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Supporting Tools

Learn more about our tools and applications that can enrich your experience and make reporting easier:

Cloud-Based Platform – Our holistic engagement platforms are configured and customized to align with your business requirements, objectives and resources. 

Experience Based Rewards – Once-in-a-lifetime rewards will help you drive loyalty, enhance engagement and increase behaviors that will allow you to reach your business goals. 

Experience Based Rewards – Once-in-a-lifetime rewards will help you drive loyalty, enhance engagement and increase behaviors that will allow you to reach your business goals.


“Partnering with Creative Group, which I have done for the past 12 years, was one of the best decisions that I made in my career. They were truly an extension to my team and to the company overall”

S.H. VP, Marketing

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