Impactful Experience Design with i|xperience®

You know people crave experiences. And we design experiences that encourage your audience to engage in your messaging and your brand. Tailored to the objectives of your event; our proprietary i|xperience approach is designed to create the most impactful experiences that reinforce your content at every touchpoint.

We help you focus on the participant journey, ensuring your audience experiences inspiration, intrigue, influence, impression, interruption, and immersion.

inspiration – Create an engaging story that inspires and achieves the desired goals.

intrigue – Lock-in and entertain your audience.

influence – Change behavior by educating and motivating action.

impression – Touch all five senses to fully engage participants.

interruption – Transport participants away from the daily grind.

immersion – Actively involve participants through interaction.

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Watch this video to see how we approach experience design:

Read our white paper about creating the ultimate experience, to learn more!

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