While worldwide travel and tourism are expected to grow faster than the global economy – with continued growth over the next ten years – the pattern may be affected by new government policies around travel documentation and global entry requirements. Additionally, pressure from industry disruptors like online private accommodation aggregators will drive those in the hotel segment to focus on the invention or evolution of brands to meet guest preferences in customization, comfort, connectedness and convenience.

The mega-merger trend also continues as large hotel chains acquire more of the hotel pie, and as non-traditional competitors heat up the market. Pressures on service level standards will remain high and innovative technologies that provide seamless, on-the-go connectivity will be expected for all hospitality segments, including food and beverage, hotels and transportation.

One of the greatest trends in the Hospitality industry is the increased focus on unique and memorable guest experiences. Consumer trends continue to push industry leaders to deliver on authenticity, personalization, sustainable practices, and on-demand functionality. This is particularly driven by the millennial generation; the fastest growing customer segment in the hospitality industry will represent 50% of all travelers by 2025 and 50% of the global workforce sooner than that.

Customer reviews on social sharing sites will continue to be an important feedback chain. And what better way to increase the likelihood of positive feedback than to ensure your sales and customer-facing teams are engaged and thriving? Creating effective sales and service incentives across a globally diverse workforce is a key factor in motivating performance to reach key business goals.

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