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Travel and tourism remain one of the fastest-growing sectors in our economy. In hospitality, the mega-merger trend continues as large hotel chains acquire more of the hotel pie and as non-traditional competitors heat up the market. Immersive hospitality is on the rise, too. As an example, as theatergoers continue to dwindle, more and more film and entertainment companies are branching into the hospitality sector with movie-branded hotels, marrying luxury resorts with multi-day theme park adventures.

Once just a single-segment disruptor in the industry, Airbnb will continue making headway into mainstream hospitality by expanding their service offerings with branded apartments, curated local experiences and restaurant bookings. On the heels of Airbnb, luxury hoteliers are also moving into the space of selling “experiences” and activities to control the end-to-end purchase experience and gain insights that lead to further in-hotel guest personalization.

The look and feel within legacy hotels is changing, too. Just as lobbies have been reshaped to create community-hubs where people can gather, front desks are being reimagined, trading the tall front desk (think: barrier) with more casual, relaxed check-in experiences. Traditional amenities are also being replaced. Out with the mini bar and turn-down service, and in with more connected “smart” rooms and on-demand wellness options such as in-room meditation videos and group fitness offerings. The wellness trend is on the fast track as people of all ages prioritize their physical and emotional wellbeing more than ever.

Millennials continue to exert influence on the travel industry, emerging as digital nomads seeking out new and unique experiences from the hospitality brands they use. They take on the persona of a travel-savvy, global citizen – flexible, mobile, looking for unique adventures and able to work anywhere there is WIFI. More and more remote work offices are popping up around the globe and getting there is easier than ever with more low-cost international airline products on the market.

While space travel for the everyday citizen is still a distant dream, business magnates like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson are investing billions to bring the reality of luxury space travel to life in 2018 and beyond.

Customer reviews of hospitality brands on social sharing sites will continue to be an important feedback chain. And what better way to increase the likelihood of positive feedback than to ensure your sales and customer-facing teams are engaged and thriving? Creating effective sales and service incentives across a globally diverse workforce is a key factor in motivating performance to reach key business goals.

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