2024 is rolling along, and the meetings, events, and incentives industry is busy and booming! Expectations from clients are shifting, and all the cool new tech is opening up some awesome ways to engage. Keeping that human touch is more crucial than ever, especially with such a distributed workforce.

We’re pumped to share the latest trends reshaping meetings, events, and incentives in this guide to designing the most impactful programs and events. You might know some of these already, but trust us, weaving them into your events will make a difference for your audience. From diving into immersive experiences to sprinkling in those personal touches, we’re all about finding fresh, exciting ways to make moments that stick and bring people closer.

What you’ll see:

  • Trends in Incentives: Engagement Boosters
  • Meetings and Events: Events as Integrated Marketing with a Human Connection
  • What We’re Seeing this Year: Wellness, Comfort, Tech, and more!
  • What’s on the Horizon

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